YAXHA, national park and wetland of world importance, with Mayan vestiges, living culture and rural communities that we work to achieve the sustainable development of our territory.

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Mayan Cities

The National Park owes its name to three monumental Mayan cities Yaxha, Nakum and Naranjo, of great relevance for its strategic location on the trade route and in the political domain associated with Tikal and Caracol in Belize. In addition, it has more than 296 archaeological sites of different categories that show continuous occupation of more than 2,000 years from the Middle Pre-Classic period to the Mayan Postclassic period.


Yaxha is a special site that combines cultural heritage with lush forest, the presence of wild animals and lagoons, all of which make up an exceptional landscape.


It is a Mayan city located on the island of the same name, southwest of the Yaxha lagoon. It is currently the only city in this period of Mayan history where you can see restored buildings in the Petén region.


It is an extensively restored Mayan city, located 17 km from Yaxha. It is characterized by having unique architecture; one of the few Mayan themes or full steam bath and a palace being one of the longest buildings in the Mayan world.


Monumental city of first category like Tikal. It has 350 major buildings, as well as beautifully carved steles, which is why it is considered a transcendental site for the reconstruction of Mayan history.

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Sustainable development

In Yaxha we have a sustainable development model that supports the development of communities

and improving the experience of tourists during their visit.

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