Local Development

In Yaxha, we are managing a model for sustainable development in the Mayan Biosphere Reserve.

The Neighboring communities, along with the administration of the Yaxha Nakum Naranjo National Park, strongly believe that the successful preservation of our cultural and natural heritage depends on the sustainable usage of ecosystem goods and services for generating income, employment and support for the local community. That is why Community members work together to manage a new way of life that includes a human well-being and preservation of the ecosystem.

As part of this joint management, since 2005 the Park has been making large investments in the communities of the territory, developing basic infrastructure projects that, in addition to allowing water shortages for human consumption, contributed to reducing the pressures on water bodies from the park.

Subsequently, investments are made in the social capital of the territory aimed at creating basic capacities for residents to actively participate in the tourism value chain, generating income and jobs to boost the local economy.

Our priority is to strengthen community tourism ventures dedicated to providing specialized services of guidance and interpretation, bird watching, Mayan culture and biodiversity; differentiated crafts, food and beverages, land and water transportation, fruit processing, rental of adventure equipment and sale of convenience items; who together with the Park are the YAXHA DESTINY.

Our efforts are permanent and we continue working to integrate communities into a dynamic of collaborative economy, including access to business development services, the application of a certification system based on quality standards and the provision of financial services for the inhabitants of the territory.

Committed to the sustainability of the territory, YAXHA aims to establish a system of local governance as a mechanism that contributes to a better adaptation and response to the challenges of climate change.

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